Against the Grain

Miss Maggies ™ now has grain free treats!
Perfect for those wishing to closely mimic their
dog’s natural ancestral diet or lessen the risk
of food allergies.

The Best Dog Bikkies
In The Known World

Miss Maggies ™ is now available in
selected stores and markets around Auckland.

No Maltodextrin
No Artificial Additives

All Miss Maggies ™ products contain
100% natural ingredients.
There are no additives or artificial flavours,
including Maltodextrin, in our products.

Perfect For After Yoga

Timmy loves Miss Maggie's™ Blueberry Bones after doing downward dog in the domain.


The Best Dog Bikkies In The Known World™

Miss Maggies ™ was established in 2008.
The owner, Briar Williams, has been in the dog grooming business for 20 years and owned the
well-known “Star Dogs” company, which she has since sold.
In 2008 the recession hit, but Briar still wanted to treat her customers to Christmas gifts.
She decided to collaborate with her son Seamus and make dog treats and biscuits.



Bakery and Deli

The original biscuit was in a small bone shape. The clients and their owners could not get enough of it, therefore the biscuit became a regular item at Briar’s Mt Albert Store. Due to the demand, Briar took the item to Ellerslie Markets and then to the hugely popular La Cigale Markets.

Miss Maggies ™ is now available in selective stores and markets around the Auckland area with demand continuing to grow weekly. Her clients come from as far afield as Hamilton, Wellington and Whangarei.

Vitamin Mix

All our products contain:
Vitamin A, D3, E and K, B6, B12,
Thiamine, Riboflavin, Biotin, Pantothenic acid, Folic acid,
Niacin and choline chloride.
Minerals: Ferrous sulphate, Zinc oxide, Manganese oxide, copper sulphate,
Calcium idate, cobalt sulphate and selenium. Contains a natural probiotic-Agrimos

7 Things Only Our Biscuits Contain

  1. High protein whey powder: Almost nil lactose with huge digestable protein and mineral boost
  2. Meat meal: Abbatoir sourced and whole beast protein. Not just the skin and bones
  3. Fish meal: Mostly high oil fish, typically Tuna. Full of omegas and chondroitin.
  4. Krill: A superb source of both chondroitin and omegas, also very high protein.
  5. Vitamin powder: All the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes for the canine constitution.
  6. Pre-Biotics: Heat stable and sourced from a mixture of alpine plants.
  7. Dried blood: Abbatoir sourced and containing absolutely no additives.


"Molly, my beagle, can find them no matter where I hide them, dog possessed!"

− Rob, Taupo

"My dog could not figure out what she did right when I gave her the treat the first time!"

− Penny, Upper Harbour

"Georgie loves the big dog biscuits, they last him for days!"

− Aime, Central Auckland

"The biscuits are amazing, my dog Cosmo will do anything for a treat!"

− Caty, Central Auckland

"Rosy loves the Liver Loaves - we use them on take out Fridays!"

− Jenny, Upper Harbour

100% All Natural ingredients.

These treats have been investigated by a prestigious group of scientists and they concluded that the
combination of crunch, texture and taste are delicious and 100% safe!

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